The PRESENCE amplifier, at 220 watts of vacuum tube output power, is our most exciting new product and we emphasize that it is not just another reworked and repackaged example of the 1950's technology, but is an exclusive proprietary design that sets dramatically higher standards for performance specifications, reliability and low maintenance costs for tube amplifiers.

Patented Topology

Patented topology reduces distortion of all types to the vanishing point. For example: THD is typically 0.005% midband at full power damping factor is essentially infinity (zero output impedance) over the full frequency range and is adjustable below 100Hz. Noise level is over 100 db down and overload clipping is soft with instantaneous recovery.

Built-in Computer Control System

It most remarkable feature is a built-in computer control system which digitally sets the bias on each of the eight output tubes for the same optimum level of plate current during the 3 minute warm-up period following turn-on, after which the system turns off, holds the bias levels in memory and then unmutes the amplifier for play.

An LED, dedicated to each tube, indicates proper operation when lighted and when not, signifies a weak or defective tube.

Due to automatic adjustment each time the amplifier is turned on, performance and tube life are maximized and bad tubes can be replaced without regard to matching, since matched tubes are not required.

As would be expected, the breakthrough in performance specifications of the PRESENCE amplifier enhances and brings to virtual perfection, the widely acknowledged superiority of tube amplification.

Sound quality is superb, exceeding that of other tube designs by eliminating the usual shortcomings of weak or soft bass, euphonic distortions and high frequency roll-off. The result in sound quality is finer musical detail, superior imaging and total lack of listener fatigue.

Past or Present

We believe you will find the performance specifications as listed on the back page of the brochure to be unequaled by any other tube amplifier past or present.

Saleability of the PRESENCE is not limited to home stereo, its biggest market, as there are other significant Pro-sound applications for its use in Recording, Mixdown and Post Production studios as well as its use by musicians for musical instrument amplification.